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Heights House began as a feeling, not as an idea. The feeling was something resembling belonging along with an acute awareness that despite the current proliferation of “boutique” hotels, there are still few rare properties that have an unparalleled unique guest experience. Husband and wife team, Sarah and Jeff Shepherd, have lived in the Boylan Heights neighborhood (where the property resides) for the past decade and are the visionaries behind Heights House. After walking by the house almost daily for years thinking, “what if?”, Sarah evolved that feeling into a dream.

After acquiring the property in 2018, it took over 8 months to rezone for commercial use. Working alongside Maurer Architecture, Greg Paul Builders and Bryan Costello Design, renovations on the historic property began in early 2019. Heights House made its debut in May 2021 as an unexpected and inspiring space for the local community and today’s creative traveler. Sarah and Jeff hope every guest who walks through the front door feels the intention and genuine love that went into resurrecting this very special historic landmark.



“Authenticity and top-notch service, that Jeff and I have enjoyed on our world travels, is what inspired us to create a one-of-the-kind boutique hotel. We look forward to sharing unique and memorable experiences with our friends, family and community at Heights House.”


Co-Owner & Founder

We put a lot of thought, consideration and time into our business name and logo, executed beautifully by Paul Tuorto (@paultuorto). The design inspiration came from a multitude of things related to the house, primarily the delicate curvature found throughout. You see it in the archways, the windows, the niches and the dome. The illustrative florals and leaves are from the details in the original mantels and door hardware. The repetitive scallop wallpaper will be found in various tile designs and brass details throughout the house. The sun and moon are to reflect that we are open 24/7, as a hotel and venue. The custom typography was inspired by our historic neighborhood’s signage, and the typography of the date was taken directly from the cornerstone on the north side of the house.

So, why did we change the name from Montfort Hall to Heights House? After sincere reflection, we decided it would not be in the spirit of our beliefs to carry on the family name of the original owner, William Montfort Boylan. Our values of inclusivity, authenticity, generosity and sustainability, do not align with many 1850’s era ideals. We hope that this new chapter will reflect that. We also wanted the new name to loosely reference our beloved historic neighborhood, Boylan Heights, as well as allude to the grandiose perch of the property above the downtown cityscape.


Get a more in-depth look at the space and everything it has to offer by clicking the link to the right.

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